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Dinnissen Productivity Platform

Dinnissen offers you the advantage of an all-in-one solution.

Because the advanced Dinnissen Productivity Platform (DPP) provides you with remote service, alarm messages according to your wishes and clear data reports for maximum insight into your daily production process. And you also have the option to monitor your machines remotely and view the situation on your own HMI screens. To make all of this possible, a special DPP router has been developed that securely connects your machines to the cloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE.

Dinnissen has certifications including ISO 27001. The Dinnissen Productivity Platform is therefore secured by a security officer, audits by external parties, 24/7 monitoring and ISO-27001-certified data centres. Adhering to these strictest precautions ensures maximum security for your data and your machines.

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We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world


The levels of requirements for food safety and product quality continue to rise.

And that is making sampling during the production process an increasingly intensive task. That's why it's good to know that you can significantly simplify this task with our innovative sampling carousel. Automatic filling position changing requires less labour and ensures a minimum margin of error.

The carousel comes with 8 up to 20 positions, in which the sample size can vary from 10 to 1,000 grams. The samples are collected in a sample bag, a special bottle adapter or other options. The carousel’s cleanability is also an essential factor for its ability to take truly representative samples. That is why all parts that come into contact with the product can be removed without need for any tools.

The material certificates covering these product-contacting parts, such as 3.1, FDA requirements and EC1935 / 2010, are supplied as standard. Naturally, this sampling carousel has its own controls. If desired, this can be integrated within a higher-level controller, whereby specific communication signals help to signal the status and any malfunctions. This results in an error-free sampling system! The sampling carousel is also available in an ATEX version, and we will supply it entirely in accordance with your individual specifications.

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Process engineers


Dinnissen has its own fully-fledged IT department with short lines of communication, sufficient experience and all the capabilities necessary for developing perfectly functioning machine and process controls.

A good example of this is the electrical and other engineering, which uses Typical Manager and WsCad software, and with which modular systems are designed and assembled. The PLC, HMI and Scada software is developed using well-known standards such as ISA-95 and ISA-88. In combination with the Typical Manager software, the PLC and HMI configurations are set up according to the aforementioned standards for systems such as the Siemens TIA portal and Allen Bradley RSLogix. Dinnissen uses the Wonderware platform and WinCC Professional for Scada solutions.

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Our challenge? 

Optimization of your entire process

At Dinnissen we will be happy to help you automate and innovate your entire process with customized solutions. Dinnissen can add value in every process step. Take a look at our solutions for each step of processing powders, pellets grain and granular materials: