Premix for feed

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Premix is a mix of vitamins and minerals. Some raw meat foods contain a premix to ensure that the nutrition is complete. With a premix you prevent your pet from having nutritional deficiencies. The disadvantage of premix is that there are synthetic additives in the product. Dogs can get itchy and cats can develop bladder problems. Whether you are producing with premix, Dinnissen surely can help you the find the right solution for your premix process.

With our specialized team of petfood experts, we always come to a solution. They know everything there is to know about products like premix. Our experts working several years in this business. With the knowledge we have, our technical know-how the smart way of working enables us to find and produce the right innovative solution for your specific production process.

Premix processing equipment

Processing lines specially aimed at premix

Dinnissen is for several years active in the petfood sector. We are offering a wide range of petfood specific processing equipment. As example our DIMA-man. The DIMA-man is a bag emptying machine. With the hygienic design and the flexibility is the DIMA-man the best option for producers working with premix. 

The DIMA-man is not the only innovated machine we have built over the years for the petfood industry. As example, we have built a Pegasus® Mixers, big-bag filling stations and many more machines. Below you can find some examples of these machines specially designed for premix.


some examples of equipment suitable for the processing of premix

DIMA®-X 200 bag emptying machine
Big bag filling stations
Filling head big bag filling station
Pegasus 7500 mixer
Big bag unloading stations with dima
vibration transport adjustable

Our feed processing solutions

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to show all our projects, as you undoubtedly will understand.
Please, don't hesitate to contact our specialists if you wish to know more about our experience with premix, and what we can do for your specific production process.

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Piet van Bommel


Peter Raeven

Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer

We are quite far ahead of the rest. This is not always easy, but it's always a nice challenge.

Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer




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What customers say about us

High-quality vacuum coaters

We chose to work with Dinnissen because they supply high-quality vacuum coaters that fit exactly within our production lines.

Olam Group

Arnold Balledux- Global Technical Head Animal Feeds & Vice-president Animal Feed & Protein - Olam Agri

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Fully automated sampling

We considered several machine developers, but the high quality of the Dinnissen machines and the competence and commitment of the employees were decisive for us.


Arjan van Dijk- Project Manager - Ausnutria

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Tailor-made solution for every problem

What charmed us most about Dinnissen was that they responded perfectly to our questions each time: they jumped right in and quickly came up with a tailor-made solution to each problem.


Jos Falvay- Project manager - Perstorp

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Six-fold increase of total production

Production has gone from 3-5 tons per day to 30 tons per day. That's a six-fold increase in total production.

Nöll & Co.

Michiel de Boer- CEO - Nöll & Co.

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Mixers have been running 30 years

Dinnissen machines may not be the cheapest in terms of purchase price, but in terms of value for money, there are none better. Our Dinnissen mixer has been running extremely reliably for 30 years.

VDV Group

Adwin van der Vorst- Directeur - VDV Group

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Customized mixers

Dinnissen thought along with us from start to finish. For example, they used existing drawings for these new mixers to save us costs in the engineering phase.


Pieter Gorter- Project Manager - ForFarmers

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World player in process technology

To realize production processes of the best quality, we work closely with Dinnissen: One of the strongest players in the world in process technology and hygienic design.


Gerben Koopmans- Project Engineering Manager - Nestlé

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Filled three complete factories

Dinnissen has filled an entire factory for us with a complete production line, on three different occasions. They just get it right: from mixers and sifters to sampling and automation.

Jonker & Schut

Erik Schut- Managing Director - Jonker & Schut

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Mixing time of 60 seconds per batch

Previously, we had standard times in the mixing process of 14 - 15 minutes. With the Pegasus® mixer we achieve a mixing time of 60 seconds per batch.


Lothar Pixa- Director - Planta

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Service on weekends

One day there was an important issue and one of Dinnissen's engineers immediately took action during the weekend. I have never seen other foreign partners do this.

APTe Japan

Mr. Kimio Aono- Founder - APTe Japan

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Technicians, not salespeople

Dinnissen's representatives strive for the best solutions. They are engineers first and salespeople second.

Van Zutven

Frans van Zutven- Founder and Director - Van Zutven

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No challenge is too big

At Dinnissen, they think in terms of challenges, not problems. They don't give up and keep going until there is a solution that satisfies all parties.

United Petfood

Martin Sonneveld- Production Director - United Petfood Waalwijk

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The importance of hygiene and safety requirements

Dinnissen fully understood the importance of hygiene and safety requirements in our industry. They went the extra mile by providing us with all the necessary documentation, all ATEX drawings, and full traceability.


Anton Vleeshouwers- Project Director - DSM

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Quadrupled production capacity

In collaboration with Dinnissen, we have quadrupled our production capacity from 3 to 12 tons per hour.


Harald Schmalwieser- Managing Director - Solan

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Drastically improved feed-quality

90% of our customers with laying hens have already switched to the new feed produced using the Pegasus® mixer and the Thermidor® system.

Egli Mühlen

Kurt Egli- Former manager - Egli Mühlen

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