Pegasus® 5-in-1 Mixer

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In sectors such as the food industry, there is an increasing need for multiprocessing machines. Production must become ever faster and more efficient, to produce the best possible product using the least amount of materials and resources possible. The Pegasus® 5-in-1 Mixer is a true multiprocessing machine. It allows you to mix, vacuum coat, dry, germinate and acidify your product. The mixer produces flavored products with a high hygiene requirement and a fresh-sour taste sensation, such as tea, cereals, (crispy) sweets, and snacks.

  • Suitable for ultra-fast processing of powders, pellets, and granulates
  • One machine for almost the entire process
  • A cost-effective solution

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A fast and efficient process

By combining several process steps in one machine, the Pegasus® 5-in-1 mixer saves on both cost and energy. The dual axis mixing mechanism airily tosses powders, pellets and granules during mixing. Then the finely atomized liquid particles mix homogeneously with the dry raw materials. The 5-in-1 mixer can also dry, germinate and acidify the product. No transport is needed between the different process steps, saving time and manpower. The various process combinations make this mixer very suitable for practically any producer, in any industry, for any process.

  • Energy-efficient solution
  • Less time and manpower required
  • Suitable for almost any process
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design
  • Designed, developed, and tested in-house
Hamex Hammer Mill 01
Hamex Hammer Mill 03

Key features, options, and models

The 5-in-1 Mixer differs from other mixers in that at least five processes can be carried out within only one system. The base product is mixed and sprayed on, the dry additives are added as a top layer and the whole is dried and cooled. The 5-in-1 Mixer can also germinate and acidify the product. A mixer from Dinnissen can always be customized to the customer's needs. Contact us for all your needs and capabilities, so together we can create a mixing system that suits your production process exactly.

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How it works

After the base product is fed into the mixing chamber via an airtight connection, the product is airily mixed by a double-axis mixing system. A spray system developed by Dinnissen ensures that liquids are distributed homogeneously over the base product. Next, the mixing chamber is vacuumed. When the vacuum is subsequently lifted, the added liquids penetrate the core of each pellet. If desired, a top layer can be added and the machine can dry and cool the mixture.

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More information about the 5-in-1 Mixer?

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Dinnissen develops and produces a wide variety of processing mixers. Have a look at our Pegasus® Batch Mixer, Continuous Mixer, R&D Mixer, or Vacuum Coater. In addition, we also offer systems that combine mixing with another process step.

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Solutions for your entire process

System integrator Dinnissen optimizes and innovates your production process with tailored solutions: developed, manufactured and tested in-house. From product intake, transport, dosing and weighing, mixing, grinding, sieving and packaging to full automation and control. We maximize the performance and efficiency of your entire process.

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  1. System Integration
  2. Product intake
  3. Conveying & Handling
  4. Feeding & Weighing
  5. Mixing & Processing
  6. Milling & Grinding
  7. Sifting
  8. Packaging
  9. Automation & Control

We are proud that these companies rely on Dinnissen


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What customers say about us

Fully automated sampling

We considered several machine developers, but the high quality of the Dinnissen machines and the competence and commitment of the employees were decisive for us.


Arjan van Dijk- Project manager - Ausnutria

No challenge is too big

At Dinnissen, they think in terms of challenges, not problems. They don't give up and keep going until there is a solution that satisfies all parties.

United Petfood

Martin Sonneveld- Production Director - United Petfood Waalwijk

Mixers have been running 30 years

Dinnissen machines may not be the cheapest in terms of purchase price, but in terms of value for money, there are none better. Our Dinnissen mixer has been running extremely reliably for 30 years.

VDV Group

Adwin van der Vorst- Directeur - VDV Group

Mixing time of 60 seconds per batch

Previously, we had standard times in the mixing process of 14 - 15 minutes. With the Pegasus® mixer we achieve a mixing time of 60 seconds per batch.


Lothar Pixa- Director - Planta

World player in process technology

To realize production processes of the best quality, we work closely with Dinnissen: One of the strongest players in the world in process technology and hygienic design.


Gerben Koopmans- Project Engineering Manager - Nestlé

Customized mixers

Dinnissen thought along with us from start to finish. For example, they used existing drawings for these new mixers to save us costs in the engineering phase.


Pieter Gorter- Project Manager - ForFarmers

The importance of hygiene and safety requirements

Dinnissen fully understood the importance of hygiene and safety requirements in our industry. They went the extra mile by providing us with all the necessary documentation, all ATEX drawings, and full traceability.


Anton Vleeshouwers- Project Director - DSM

Service on weekends

One day there was an important issue and one of Dinnissen's engineers immediately took action during the weekend. I have never seen other foreign partners do this.

APTe Japan

Mr. Kimio Aono- Founder - APTe Japan

High-quality vacuum coaters

We chose to work with Dinnissen because they supply high-quality vacuum coaters that fit exactly within our production lines.

Olam Group

Arnold Balledux- Global Technical Head Animal Feeds & Vice-president Animal Feed & Protein - Olam Agri

Filled three complete factories

Dinnissen has filled an entire factory for us with a complete production line, on three different occasions. They just get it right: from mixers and sifters to sampling and automation.

Jonker & Schut

Erik Schut- Managing Director - Jonker & Schut

Tailor-made solution for every problem

What charmed us most about Dinnissen was that they responded perfectly to our questions each time: they jumped right in and quickly came up with a tailor-made solution to each problem.


Jos Falvay- Project manager - Perstorp

Six-fold increase of total production

Production has gone from 3-5 tons per day to 30 tons per day. That's a six-fold increase in total production.

Nöll & Co.

Michiel de Boer- CEO - Nöll & Co.

Technicians, not salespeople

Dinnissen's representatives strive for the best solutions. They are engineers first and salespeople second.

Van Zutven

Frans van Zutven- Founder and Director - Van Zutven

Drastically improved feed-quality

90% of our customers with laying hens have already switched to the new feed produced using the Pegasus® mixer and the Thermidor® system.

Egli Mühlen

Kurt Egli- Former manager - Egli Mühlen

Quadrupled production capacity

In collaboration with Dinnissen, we have quadrupled our production capacity from 3 to 12 tons per hour.


Harald Schmalwieser- Managing Director - Solan