Solids Processing magazine coverstory

Chief Operationing Director Wouter Kuijpers and Chief Commercial Officer Frans Bakker were interviewed for a cover story in Solids Processing magazine.

In this article, the smart ways of working and Dinnissen's new production facilities are discussed. Curious about the story behind Dinnissen's smart machine construction? Keep reading to find out more.

Dinnissen Process Technology: brand new production facilities

A great example of 'smart' construction 
Dinnissen Process Technology has seen its turnover double in recent years. The machine builder wants to grow independently in international markets. The brand new production facilities - with an almost fully automated manufacturing process - act as a turbo engine to drive this ambition. "We have significantly increased the speed in our own production process."

We care about our people 
The stainless steel welding workshop is located in the second new factory hall. Striking in the hall, which is fully equipped with welding fume extraction, are the three four 10-ton overhead traveling cranes and the sixteen 2500-ton wall traveling cranes. Kuijpers points to the roof windows, however. “We also think about our people. It is much more pleasant to work with daylight. The contractor pointed out the higher price tag, but we insisted. ”



Everything right first time 
Far-reaching automation of the production process is the keyword for the innovation drive that Dinnissen has started. “Once our engineers have released their drawings for production, human action is no longer necessary,” says Kuijpers. “Parts have been checked for manufacturability. Everything is right first time. We prevent the risk of human errors as much as possible. If a customer still wants adjustments, we can make this flexible. Our flow has acquired a high degree of speed and resilience.

Director Frans Bakker Dinnissen Process Technology
Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer

We are quite far ahead of the rest. This is not always easy, but it's always a nice challenge.

Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer
Director Wouter Kuijpers Dinnissen Process Technology
Wouter Kuijpers - Chief Operationing Director

We can tell exactly from which base material our parts have been made.

Wouter Kuijpers - Chief Operationing Director

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