Online Expo Spring 2021

Welcome to our second digital spring exhibition.

2021 has been a busy year so far. Last year we finished constructing the first part of our new production facilities. Since then numerous processing systems for many different applications have been built there using state of the art production techniques and automation. The experts in our R&D facilities have been busy as well, continuously testing real world scenarios on our equipment to help our customers getting the answers they need. We would like to take this opportunity to present some of our latest machines innovations of this year: 

  • One of the largest Pegasus® Mixers, built specifically for the processing of infant food (video)
  • One of the smallest Pegasus® R&D Mixers, built specifically for chemical testing purposes
  • An updated overview of our smart sampling systems (video)
  • A unique DIMA® tiltable bag emptying machine

curious about these innovations?

If you wish to receive more information after seeing the videos and images, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you prefer to schedule a (video) call with Han, Erik or one of our other experts, let us know and they will gladly get in touch.

Dinnissen BV

Pegasus® Batch Mixer 3000 

In this video Han Joosten, accountmanager at Dinnissen, presents the Pegasus® Mixer 3000. Built specifically for the processing of infant food, this large Pegasus® mixer is capable of handling 15 tons per hour. 
See the mixer in our production center while Han explains the reasons behind the design.  

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Pegasus® R&D Mixer for chemical testing

When a customer asked for a compact machine that can be used for testing a very specific chemical process Dinnissen designed and built a very special Pegasus® R&D Mixer. The process involves a product that has to be kept moving for 24 hours, with exactly 1 gram of additives, while temperature and moisture are kept under control. This was not an easy challenge.

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Smart Sampling Systems

In this video Erik Peeters, accountmanager at Dinnissen, shows an overview of our wide range of sampling solutions. We are continuously innovating these products as we believe that smarter sampling can improve many processes. From a range of sample takers for different applications to multi-size sample carousels that can fully automate the sampling of various sample sizes, we like to think that we have taken sampling to the next level. 

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Dinnissen Dima Bag emptying machine open focus

Tiltable Dima® Bag Emptying machine

This tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier has an ergonomic design and is very easy accessible for cleaning, inspection and maintenance. The Bag Emptier can be opened easily by one operator, simply by turning a handwheel. It’s almost completely effortless.

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Erik Peeters


Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer

We are quite far ahead of the rest. This is not always easy, but it's always a nice challenge.

Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer

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