New Hamex® hammer mill reduces product cost price

Product cost price even lower due favourable hammer mill price, fewer operations when changing screens and more efficient milling.
Since 1948, Dinnissen Process Technology has been developing machines, complete processes and customised solutions for the food, feed, pet food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The focus mainly lies on the efficient handling and processing of powders, granulates and pellets.

Innovation remains the basis
One of Dinnissen’s characteristic qualities is the ability to transform daring innovative ideas into working concepts that are successfully adapted by leading producers.

A great example of such a successful innovation is the vacuum core coating process, invented by Dinnissen in 1992. Several years later, this was followed by the lean gravity mixing lines and the hammer mill featuring an automatic screen exchange system. These are just a few of the many technical breakthroughs that gained Dinnissen considerable recognition throughout the world.

Substantial reduction in cost price due to clever re-design 
The fully automatic Hamex® Hammer Mill used by many multinationals has recently been extensively improved. The Hamex® Hammer Mill offers producers of meal-like feed many advantages, for instance extremely efficient milling and accurately definable particle size distribution. 

In this updated hammer mill, the freely suspended hammers rotate at a speed of 1,500 RPM in the milling chamber. Thanks to the unique design, this mill is characterised by a minimum noise level, which is good for the operator and improves reliability. Dependent on the properties of the product to be milled, different numbers of single or double hammers can be used. The centrifugal force that is generated forces the product that is being milled against the special jaw plates inside the milling chamber. The milled product then leaves the hammer mill via the exchangeable screens.

This version has a fully automatic screen exchange system. When changing the screen, the screen on its screen holder is automatically slid out of the machine while the rotor continues to turn. This saves the ten minutes required for the rotor to stop. Ideal if the particle size must be regularly changed. Screens are available with four different perforation sizes. 

Screens are exchanged in the time between the batches, meaning that no production time is lost. The safety of the operator is also guaranteed. 

Substantial reduction in cost price due to clever re-design 
Much progress has been made on many fronts with the new Hamex® Hamer Mill. For instance, the method used to produce the machine has been automated and modernised even more, which has considerably reduced its total price. In addition, various ergonomic aspects of the machine have been amended, improving user friendliness and speed of screen changes.

The screen can now be slid out of the machine sideways meaning that wear parts are quickly reachable and can be easily changed. In addition, the Hamex® Hammer Mill has large inspection hatches that offer fast and easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant components. Many advantages that together make an essential contribution to further reducing the eventual product cost price.

Higher production capacity
The Hamex® Hammer Mill is also fitted with a stone trap and a magnet that separate hard objects and magnetic particles from the product being processed. This helps to prevent product contamination and screen damage. It is also possible to choose a specially developed airflow system that quickly and efficiently regulates the transport of particles of the correct size. This increases the capacity and reduces energy consumption.

More profit
The advantages mentioned will not go unnoticed by feed producers. And certainly because this new Hamex® Hammer Mill offers an immediate and easily demonstrable increase in profitability and a shorter ROI.

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