New Dima® Bag Emptier with tiltable body

New Dima® Bag Emptier with tiltable body

Dinnissen Dima Bag emptying machine open

Why a tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier can improve your product intake processes:

  • Less time needed to clean, inspect or replace parts
  • It is a very safe way for efficient bag emptying
  • Designed with operator ergonomics in mind
  • Robust quality, this Dima® will last a long time

How this Bag Emptier helps you deal with strict hygienic rules and regulations 
By designing a tiltable body, this Dima® can be opened for easy access to areas that are normally difficult to reach. This speeds up cleaning, inspection and part replacements. Opening can be done by a single operator, simply by turning a handwheel. It’s almost completely effortless. And air ventilation ensures that no dust will escape. 

Features of this Dima Bag Emptier

  • Easy-to-clean and inspect
  • Perfectly safe for both operators and the environment
  • Robust quality, built to last
  • Designed, built and tested in-house

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Would you like to know how you can use a tiltable DIMA® Bag Emptier to add value to your process? Please feel free to me or one of my colleagues. We’re happy to answer your questions.


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