Maximum hygiene with Dinnissen Dense phase transport

When it comes to transporting bulk goods, "more precision" and "maximum hygiene" are increasingly in demand. One of the most common techniques for pneumatically transporting bulk goods is using air or gas in a vacuum or pressure situation. Dinnissen has been anticipating this topic for years with smart solutions.

A good example of this is the Dense-Phase transport, in which air or gas propels the material and the raw materials move through the pipe like a 'prop'. This form of transport is characterized by relatively low transport speeds with low air/gas consumption. 

Within the Dense-Phase transport, on the one hand, there is the choice of Dense phase with high-pressure sluicing (high loading and low gas consumption), which is ideally suited for a continuous production process where minimum product damage is required.

On the other hand, there is the Dense-Phase Transport with pressure vessels (low speed, high loading and low gas consumption), which is suitable for abrasive products in a discontinuous production system in a dust-free environment. Both solutions are excellent and quick to clean (C.I.P.). In addition, Dinnissen offers you an additional solution equipped with a bypass on the filling line including a flush connection, which prevents the accumulation of residual product and greatly improves the hygiene of your production process.

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