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Whatever the challenge, we'll take it ... and we'll never give up. 

This powerful statement embodies the philosophy of Dinnissen process technology - and is one that can be appreciated by both companies and people in 2020. Laura Watling wrote an article about dinnissen process technology in Inside Industry.

The Dutch Dinnissen Process Technology has built a company that can weather the storm. "We have not seen a major impact from Covid-19." Sales Manager Rieks Reyers explained. "We have a strategic plan in place and we are on track to meet our targets." Any disruption to the normal course of events has allowed Dinnissen to focus on its mission, vision and strategy - something that is evident throughout the brand. Since its founding in 1948, Dinnissen has grown to become the market leader in process technology, enabling customers to optimize, innovate and automate their process production. The € 40 million company serves manufacturers in the dairy, food, pet and aquafeed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It has a strong foothold in the market, which Mr Reyers only sees growing: “The world population is growing. This means more demand for food and feed. Dinnissen has three sales offices, located in the Netherlands, Germany and Indonesia. It is important that there is only one production location. According to Mr. Reyers, this is a key factor in the company's success. “We produce almost everything ourselves,” he said.

"By keeping engineering, production, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance in-house, we are independent of others. That's why customers can rely on us."

Reliability at home

By keeping everything in-house, Dinnissen can also maintain one of its most important characteristics - reliability. The organization is able to fully comply with EU traceability directives and prides itself on knowing exactly which part of a machine is made by which metal plates and then providing the appropriate certification. Dinnissen also has an ISO 27001 certificate for effective security management. Dinnissen's machines include a range of services. From product intake to transport and handling, to mixing, grinding, sieving and packaging. Dinnissen can provide a good part of the production line for a food or chemical manufacturer. With that in mind, chances are you have Dinnissen within your own personal supply chain. During its 70 years, the company has amassed well-known global customers. Tate and Lyle, Nestlé, Purina, Quaker and Bayer are just a few. How does Dinnissen attract and, more importantly, retain these global customers? “We help our customers to produce the best possible products at the lowest operating costs,” explains Mr. Reyers. "Our goal is to keep our solutions affordable so that they are available to as many producers as possible". However, it doesn't just come down to costs. It is important for Dinnissen to share its expertise with customers, but also with partners and, surprisingly, competitors. Dinnissen's experienced sales and product experts are also able to create tailor-made solutions together with customers.

Dinnissen Mixer
Dinnissen Mixer

New technology and partnerships

The manufacturer’s latest innovative solution is its DPP technology, created alongside one of its partners. The Dinnissen Productivity Platform provides customers with a service that they can access remotely – a very timely offering with restrictions for businesses ever changing during the pandemic climate. DPP allows customers to monitor their machines remotely, 24/7. Alerts can be triggered based on the business’ needs and data reports offer better insights into daily production. Users can even view process information from their own HMI screen. With its ISO27001 certification, Dinnissen can assure customers that the data is safe. Recently, Dinnissen formed a strategic partner with Zurich based IFPC. IFPC offers engineering, consultancy, digitisation, and project management services. Importantly, its philosophy of putting customers first, and focus on quality and sustainability, makes IFPC an excellent match for Dinnissen. The partnership will enable Dinnissen to serve the Swiss market even better, with a clear focus on offering quality, reliability and continuity. To help Dinnissen to continue to build innovative process technology, the organisation has recently invested in the growth of its production facility, doubling it in size. The investment also includes the installation of new equipment to ensure world class machinery can be produced. What’s more, Dinnissen has also managed to reduce its carbon footprint by investing in solar panels on the roof.

Win-win thinking

For a company with a 70-year history, the values ​​feel very modern. Dinnissen lists its four core values: innovation, integrity, win-win thinking and friendliness. At the heart of what it does, both its customers and its 200 employees come first. “We act like a family,” says Mr Reyers. "We simply think that wanting the best for our customers and employees is the best long-term strategy." Wanting the best is also clear within Dinnissen's "win-win thinking", by ensuring that every product and project has value for all parties involved. The organization is clearly keen on its kindness to impact the community by supporting various local initiatives, including the sponsorship of a local carnival and football club. Of the many branches in which Dinnissen plays a role, where does the director see the future? “The dairy and food industry has the highest growth rate and a solid future,” he explains. “Our strategic plan is for double digit growth. The biggest challenge will be to control that growth for the next five years ”. To ensure that the company maintains its core value of integrity going forward, Dinnissen's growth will be monitored. “Growth must be monitored to maintain our excellent reputation for expertise, quality products and tailor-made solutions,” Reyers concludes. So next time you make a cup of tea or put down your cat food, remember: Dinnissen is part of your process.

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