Hygienic design and easy-to-clean solutions

To enable producers to produce high-quality, safe food efficiently and reliably, Dinnissen designs and develops machines and processes with focus on hygiene and cleanability.  

Hygienic design
Hygiene is of the utmost importance, especially in the food industry and in the world of pet food. Regulations and guidelines are becoming increasingly stringent to improve food safety worldwide. With smart solutions, Dinnissen makes it possible for producers to meet these requirements. To achieve this, engineers at Dinnissen design according to strict guidelines. All our solutions are produced according to HACCP and EHEDG standards, among others. These include the elimination of hollow spaces, the special shape of our Pegasus® mixers that prevents product residue, product-specific surface treatments and so on. 

With various smart solutions, Dinnissen ensures that machines can be cleaned quickly and easily. Large access hatches, driveable axles and other solutions make our machines particularly accessible. This ensures that, in addition to improved hygiene and ergonomics, there is less downtime in your production process.  

Trusted by the best
Our solutions have been trusted by the world's largest players in the food and pet food sectors for many years. Producers with process lines in which no residue may remain in the system know that in Dinnissen they have the right partner for safe, responsible and efficient production.  Want to know more about hygienic design or cleanability? Feel free to contact one of our specialists, they are ready to answer all your questions.

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