Full traceability in production process at Dinnissen Process Technology

To enable producers to efficiently and reliably produce high-quality and safe food, Dinnissen applies tracking and tracing in the production process. This makes it possible to tell customers exactly which base material was used for each component.

To be able to provide the world with good, safe food, it is of great importance that food producers can produce with absolute certainty. In addition to a good hygienic design and cleanability of a machine, traceability during production also plays an important role in food safety. We do this by immediately labelling material that is delivered. It is then checked and automatically stored awaiting further processing. After this step, the part is provided with a QR code so that it remains traceable even after processing. 

Full traceability at Dinnissen

Food safety
Producers in the food industry must comply with strict quality and safety guidelines. For example, it must be possible to show which base material has been used for product-contacting surfaces in machines, and what the origin of that material is. By using tracking and tracing during the production of all parts, we can tell a customer exactly which part was made from which base material, including all associated certificates. This makes it possible for producers to guarantee the quality and safety of their products. 

QR labelling
Parts are given a QR code after processing. After scanning the code on a part, we can easily see all kinds of relevant data, such as the drawing that goes with the part. This makes our production one step smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. Under the motto "We do it better tomorrow than we do today", Dinnissen is of course already looking further ahead. Ultimately, they want customers to be able to scan QR codes, so that spare parts can easily be re-ordered. And in the event of a fault message, mechanics can easily call up detailed information on parts on their tablet or smartphone. 

Want to know more about why we produce with full traceability? Read more about our mission here, or feel free to contact one of our specialists.

Full traceaability

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