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Frans Bakker, CCO at Dinnissen Process Technology, participated in a roundtable discussion on sustainability and energy efficiency in the process industry at Solids Rotterdam. An inspiring conversation that brought together experts from the dry and wet process industries. In this article, we share the key contributions of Frans Bakker, highlighting his vision on sustainability within the process industry.

  • The Power of Gravity in Processes
  • How Sustainable are Dinnissen and the Process Industry in 2030?

Read the full article (Dutch) and watch the video of the roundtable discussion on the Fluids website:

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Bakker on the power of gravity in processes

Frans Bakker: “When we design process lines and systems for clients, we minimize the use of blowers and compressors to enhance efficiency. Transporting products with air consumes a lot of energy. Especially when there’s an alternative that doesn't require energy. We make optimal use of gravity in our designs. For example, we ensure that bags and Big Bags ascend automatically, dose directly into our mixer, and then descend through the mixing line to the packaging line, all driven by gravity.

Traditionally, the lifting of bags and Big Bags was done with pneumatic transport. Using a lift in this process is about 4 times more energy-efficient. Furthermore, this method substantially lowers the risk of product damage by eliminating the need for repeated pneumatic transport. Additionally, it decreases the chances of product separation.”

Big bag unloading stations with dima


How Sustainable are Dinnissen and the Process Industry by 2030?

“By 2030, I expect that we will have developed our new testing center and production hall, complete with efficient power supplies and other facilities. Regarding the energy transition, we are heading in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. Even though things are uncertain, we will continue to produce our machines in the Netherlands, and we will utilize multimedia and advanced technologies to remain competitive internationally.”

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