Latest feeder valve innovation: the micro dosing system with an accuracy of 1 gram

Customers in the powder processing industry are constantly increasing their quality standards. As an engineer-to-order company with 45 Engineers, Dinnissen is capable of translating the biggest challenges into technically advanced and robust solutions.

A good example is the recent innovation of the feeder valve. The original feeder valve is combining a very wide dosing range with short dosing time with a dosing accuracy of 100 gram. This dosing accuracy is sufficient for powder processing. Recently we received an inquiry for a specific application with a much higher dosing accuracy. The Dinnissen Engineering department developed a micro dosing system with an accuracy of 1 gram. The application can be for batch-weighing or for continuous weighing (loss in weight) for processing of vitamins, probiotics, premixes, minerals, milk powder, cacao powder, creamers, sugar, whey powder, lactose and infant formula.

The micro dosing system is easy to clean. The micro dosing system can be integrated in a new or existing infrastructure, just like to original feeder valve. The compact footprint minimalizes the residue which has a positive impact on the hygienic performance.

Would you like to know how the micro dosing system can add value to your process? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

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