Dose with accuracy down to a gram, using the Microdosing System

Dinnissen Pegasus® Mixers are capable of producing homogeneous mixtures with a mixing ratio of 1 to 100,000. This creates the need for a system that can insert just a few grams of product directly into the mixer. Meet our Micro Dosing System that can dose with a precision of 1 gram and discover its four other key benefits:

  1. No metal-to-metal contact
  2. Hygienic design
  3. High and very low dosing capacity
  4. An innovative self-learning system

More Precise dosing of small product volumes

Standard load cells enable mechanical dosing with an accuracy ranging from 0.2% to 1%. This means that you can accurately dose 10 kg down to 20-100 grams and 1,000 kg down to 2-10 kilograms. However, for mixing small product volumes, these weight deviations are too large. Therefore, the Micro Dosing System has been developed for such precision applications. It's an innovative solution for dosing smaller volumes with precision down to 1 gram, eliminating the need for premixes.

See how our Micro Dosing System works in this video.

A combination of dosing and weighing

The Micro Dosing System consists of a Feeder Valve developed by Dinnissen, a specially constructed gain-in-weight hopper with a digital load cell, and an in-house developed dosing controller. The product is dosed into the GIW hopper using the Feeder Valve. Based on the weight signal, the system continuously calculates the position of the Feeder Valve. The Feeder Valve is adjusted so that the product is dosed more finely, ensuring the batch is weighed accurately down to the gram before being discharged.

4 benefits of the micro dosing system

Below are the advantages compared to other dosing methods such as screw dosing or lock dosing:

1) No metal-to-metal contact

The Micro Dosing System prevents metal-to-metal contact. With a rotating screw or rotor in a metal housing, there is a chance of releasing small stainless-steel particles into the product. The butterfly valve in the Micro Dosing System guarantees that this does not happen.

Micro doseerunit 02.jpg

2) Hygienic design

The hygienic design allows for the complete cleaning of the system. The Dinnissen Feeder Valve consists of an easily removable and cleanable butterfly valve. This valve also prevents product residue from being left behind during dosing. In screw dosing or lock dosing, product residues can be left behind. The butterfly valve activation in the Feeder Valve ensures smooth product flow and minimizes the chance of product residue remaining.

Microdosing unit (3D)

3) High and very low dosing capacity

With the Micro Dosing System, users can easily adjust batch sizes. Dosing 1500 grams is virtually as fast as dosing 100 grams. This is because the Feeder Valve can dose at both high and very low capacities, unlike screw dosing or lock dosing.

4) An innovative self-learning system

The specially developed controller of the Micro Dosing System determines the system settings for each batch. Users can adjust the product flow per product for a proper balance between cycle time and accuracy. These settings are continuously monitored and adjusted based on previous dosing results. Further optimization of the controller makes the software self-correcting for each product and its associated properties. The Micro Dosing System is an enclosed closed system that minimizes the influence of external factors on the weighing results.

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