Dinnissen expands with new building complex

Dinnissen expands with new building complex on the Sevenum industrial estate
Dinnissen Process Technology continues to grow. The company’s reputation is growing throughout the world due to its solid, sustainable and, in particular, innovative solutions which repeatedly surprise the market.

It all started in 1948, when Dinnissen Process Technology laid the basis for complete processes and customised solutions for the food, feed, pet food and chemical industries. The focus was and still is on efficient handling and processing of powders, granulates and pellets.

Innovation is the basis
One of Dinnissen’s characteristic qualities is the ability to transform daring innovative ideas into working concepts that are successfully adapted by the largest producers in the world.
A great example of such a successful innovation is the vacuum core coating process, invented by Dinnissen. This was followed later by the lean gravity mixing lines and the hammer mill featuring an automatic screen exchange system. In addition, the company is investing in far-reaching automation, its own test facilities and 3D software, to allow customers to get an idea in advance of the final result.

Focus on further growth
Currently Dinnissen employs approximately 200 specialists in a motivating and inspirational working environment, where all of the machines and complete processes are developed and produced entirely in house. In view of the positive developments, Dinnissen is looking forward to further growth. The next step in this process is the realisation of an additional, new 60 x 70 metre production complex.
Major investments have been made within this new complex, which will be adjacent to the existing Dinnissen factory. These include 10-tonne overhead cranes, wall console cranes, state-of-the-art laser cutting installations, highly accurate lathes, milling machines and press brakes, a separate stainless steel welding hall and a lot more specialist equipment to meet the future customer requirements. In addition, Dinnissen supplies increasingly complete prefab skids for many international customers. The expansion offers more possibilities in this area.

Short response times
The customers are continually raising their requirements. Production times must be reduced, processes must be faster and everything must be of an equivalent or higher quality. With this new complex, Dinnissen once more opens new doors for global producers and, with the investment it makes, gives a good impression of the Dutch production industry.

More information 
If you would like more information about the high-quality technical solutions, please contact Dinnissen in Sevenum (the Netherlands). Tel.: +31 (0)77 467 35 55 or go to www.dinnissen.nl. Do you want to open a door via an open job application? Send a short motivation letter including CV to Bianca Trienekens: [email protected] or call her via +31(0)77 - 467 35 55. Your job application will be received with a lot of interest.

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