Customer Story: Vobra

Kibbles rich in healthy fats, without a greasy feel

Family business Vobra has specialized in healthy and tasty animal feed for more than 90 years. Since its establishment in 1932, Vobra has focused on producing livestock feed. In 1970, they expanded their product range to include dog and cat food. In 1975, Vobra completely switched to the development of kibbles for dogs and cats. Today, their production site in Veghel produces a range of private label and in-house brands of dog and cat food. 

Two production sites filled with state-of-the-art production equipment  

After being located in Loosbroek for 70 years, a factory in Veghel was put into operation in 2002. A second production site was added at the end of 2021. Both locations are filled with high-tech machines, designed for hygienic, efficient, and sustainable production of dog and cat food. When the factory commenced operations in 2002, two vacuum coaters from Dinnissen were promptly installed, solidifying the ongoing partnership between Vobra and Dinnissen.  

A successful partnership for over 20 years 

Marcel van den Oetelaar, process technologist at Vobra, says: "When we wanted to purchase vacuum coaters, we considered several parties. We made our choice based on trust, feeling, and price. In this total package, Dinnissen came out best. We have chosen Dinnissen again because we are very satisfied with the vacuum coaters and the expertise of Dinnissen. Even when we encounter problems, we can always turn to them and everything is resolved well and professionally."

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The Hopper that feeds the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater.

"We made a choice based on trust, feeling and price. In this total package, Dinnissen came out best."

Marcel van den Oetelaar, process technologist at Vobra


Vobra's new vacuum coating installation.

The best product for humans and animals

Vobra produces its own kibbles and also supplies private label kibbles. These private label kibbles are manufactured according to specific customer wishes. Companies want to sell dog or cat food under their own name and come to Vobra with a wish list for a certain type of kibble. Vobra then goes to work realizing this kibble. "However," says Marcel van den Oetelaar, "We don't just blindly accept the customer's wish list. The animals are our main focus and we always check that the customer's wishes actually contribute to a better and healthier kibble.”

Over the years, it has been found that the addition of oils and higher levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids contribute to a better and healthier kibble. Prior to the introduction of the vacuum coaters, kibbles were coated with these substances. However, beyond a certain percentage, the substances no longer penetrate the kibble. Dinnissen’s vacuum coating technology has proven to be a solution for this. The kibbles are mixed under a vacuum and the necessary fats and other nutrients are sprayed on. When the vacuum is then released, these additives soak into the kibbles. As a result, all kibbles are full of healthy substances, without becoming sticky.


"We have chosen Dinnissen again because we are very satisfied with the vacuum coaters and the expertise of Dinnissen.”

Marcel van den Oetelaar, process technologist at Vobra

Knowing what you have to offer each other

When asked about the collaboration with Dinnissen, Marcel replies: "As we launched our latest production site at the end of 2021, we swiftly and successfully set up the vacuum coaters on-site. We can always directly engage with Dinnissen. So, we are extremely satisfied with the collaboration. If I were to mention an area for improvement, it would be the limited flexibility we had in shaping the HMI and control panels. However, Dinnissen took our feedback into account and made the necessary adjustments, resulting in a successful resolution."

In anticipation of future growth, Vobra carefully planned the construction of their new production location, allowing room for expansion. Alongside the existing vacuum coaters, there is space for additional lines. When the time comes for expansion, Vobra and Dinnissen know they can rely on each other once again.

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