Customer Story: VDV Group

Our machines have been running for 30 years at VDV Group

Since 1992 our machines have been running at VDV Group and in the past 15 years, we have intensified our collaboration. VDV Group is a specialist in packaging, repackaging, blending, and storage of raw materials, semi-manufactured products, and finished products for its customers. The processed products are applied in the feed, pet food, food, and industrial markets. Many of VDV Group's production lines were established in consultation with customers. The Dutch company has the technical know-how to engineer and develop production lines in-house, but often builds these lines in collaboration with Dinnissen as a partner in machine construction and system integration. In this customer story, Adwin van der Vorst, director of VDV Group, tells us why and when he works with Dinnissen.


VDV Group on the collaboration

"VDV Group is a family business with over 65 years of history. In the 1950s my grandfather started growing, sorting, and packing potatoes. In the mid-1980s, my father made the switch to animal feed from beet pulp. And today we process dozens of products for feed, pet food, food, and technical industries. Food now accounts for 60% of our turnover. Over the years, the range of products that we can process has expanded considerably. Our production lines have become much more complex and productive. You can imagine that for packing sand and gravel you need very different machinery than for packing powders.

The more 'difficult' our operations, products, and production processes became, the more intensively we started working with Dinnissen. In our field, Dinnissen is an established name with a price tag that matches the quality they deliver. In our first years we were not able to invest in their machines, but that changed over time. Now we are increasingly investing in Dinnissen machines."


New production line under construction at VDV Group - photo: VDV Group

"Our Dinnissen sifters, mortars, and cutting machine are operating reliably and have hardly needed any maintenance or repair in 30 years."

Machines running for 30 years

"In the early 1990s, we first purchased a bag cutting machine from Dinnissen. This machine automatically cuts bags open, after which the product is transported to a mixer. At the time, this was a considerable investment and Dinnissen was not the cheapest supplier. But this machine is still running and has hardly needed any repairs or maintenance in the past 30 years. And of course, you have to look at the total cost of ownership. If you invest in quality, you also need significantly fewer repairs and less maintenance to machines and components. In this respect, Dinnissen machines perform very well. In retrospect, Dinnissen machines have proven to be good investments.”

“We gradually bought an increasing number of machines from Dinnissen, since we have grown rapidly in mixing and in the food sector. For example, in recent years we have built three other production lines in-house, around several Dinnissen components. And two new mixing lines for food products will be realized later this year, both are equipped with Dinnissen mixers.”

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New production line under construction at VDV Group - photo: VDV Group

Not a typical Dinnissen customer

“Dinnissen machines are of high quality, and it helps that Dinnissen has a lot of experience in the markets we operate in. For example, Dinnissen mixers for food processing are equipped with hygienic and easy-to-clean features. Yet we don't always choose to work with Dinnissen. As we are not a typical Dinnissen-customer. In consultation with our client and based on the type of product, we look at which type of installation from which machine manufacturer works best. If we develop a new production line for a customer (or adapt an existing line), we look at whether we can do it in-house or whether we need solutions from partners such as Dinnissen.”

High level of service as well

"I have had a lot of contact with Piet van Bommel (account manager Dinnissen) and have always found it to be pleasant and professional. He thinks along with us and responds quickly to questions. Sometimes we benefit from his knowledge and sometimes we solve the problem ourselves. 

What I also find special is that at Dinnissen they really seem to take the time for each customer, at all levels of the organization. We are certainly not Dinnissen's biggest customer. But recently, I had an appointment with Operations Director Wouter Kuijpers and with him too, there was an instant click. The communication was informal and to the point, and he took plenty of time for us.

Every company is doing its best for its big customers, but how organizations deal with their smaller customers says something about the character of an organization."

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