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Mixing, coating, and sifting at United Petfood

For over twenty years we have been working with Jonker Petfood; a producer of dog and cat food with four production lines in Waalwijk. The family business was founded in 1937 and was acquired by United Petfood in 2020. This international pet food producer, together with its customers, feeds 12 million cats and dogs every day. Product quality and safety are therefore extremely important. To achieve the best product quality, purity, and homogeneity you need production processes of the highest level. It is therefore no coincidence that our collaboration started in 2000 with a vacuum coater; an at the time revolutionary process innovation that allowed Jonker Petfood to significantly improve the quality and properties of their products.

In this article, Martin Sonneveld -Production Director at United Petfood in Waalwijk- tells how he experiences the collaboration with Dinnissen.



United Petfood about their collaboration with Dinnissen

"In 1991 I started at Jonker Petfood (now United Petfood) and since 2000 we have been working with Dinnissen. A colleague of mine was introduced to Dinnissen's vacuum coater at a trade fair at the time. With vacuum coating technology, we were able to allow additives to penetrate homogeneously into the core of the grain for the first time. This resulted in feed that was better and more nutritious. This vacuum coater marked the beginning of a long and successful partnership with Dinnissen.

At the time we chose Dinnissen because of their innovative strength and the quality of their solutions. In this first project, we purchased a vacuum coating system, a mixer, and a rotary drum sifter, among other things. We also relied on Dinnissen for the system integration of these machines. We were looking for a party to whom we could fully entrust this part of the process and who dared to vouch for its solutions. Dinnissen gave us this guarantee. Now, over 20 years later, these machines are still running."

Installation of a Dinnissen Pegasus® Vacuum Coater

"Investing in quality pays off in the long run. In the case of Dinnissen, you know they don't compromise on quality."

Service as it should be 

"As a private label producer, we must be able to switch quickly when the situation demands it. We must be able to produce flexibly and, more importantly, we must be able to produce continuously. Our production lines cannot not be allowed to stand still. At Dinnissen they understand that.

To me, three things are important in business: there has to be chemistry, you have to be willing to grant each other something, and you have to be able to rely on each other. With Dinnissen there was a connection from day one, but you never know in advance whether you can really count on someone. Today, twenty years and several production lines later, we know we can rely on Dinnissen. No matter what happens. 

You don't have to call me every week to ask how things are going. That's not necessary if you just deliver good and robust solutions. But if something goes wrong, then you must be there, admit your mistakes, and solve it as best as you can. That involves giving and taking. In that respect we are on the same wavelength. And of course, if you work together for 20 years, things do go wrong. That happens everywhere, also at Dinnissen. That's not surprising if you're pioneering together and working on innovative solutions. It's important that you always work together towards a solution. At Dinnissen they think in terms of challenges, not problems. They don't give up and keep going until a solution has been found that satisfies all parties."

Investing in continuous improvement

"We apply the strictest requirements and standards in terms of product quality and safety. In that respect, you can compare our pet food to baby food. Our production processes are crucial in achieving the highest product quality, that’s why we continuously invest in the further optimization of our production lines. For each process step we look at what can be improved or made more efficient: from mixing to coating and from packaging to logistics. We prefer to do that together with process experts and suppliers who are ahead of the market. Dinnissen is such a party. I find it fascinating to see how quickly Dinnissen machines improve. For example, every few years they make huge leaps forward in vacuum coating technology."

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Quality decisive in partner selection

"Of course, price is important, but quality will always be our priority. Our partners and suppliers must be able to offer the most suitable solution and have the expertise to integrate it properly into our processes. Often only a few parties remain, and then you choose the best solution at a good price. But here you must be careful not to compare apples with oranges. This is because not every mixer or coater is of the same quality and not every system is equally robust. Investing in quality pays off in the long run, I am convinced of that. And with Dinnissen you can be sure that they don't make concessions on quality."

Martin Sonneveld - Production Director United Petfood Waalwijk

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