Customer Story: Nestlé

Smart tracking & tracing at Nestlé

Our customers in the food processing industry are subject to strict tracking & tracing requirements from the European Union. This applies not only to the ingredients of their products, but also to all the materials and machines used in the production process. As a machine builder and system integrator, we must therefore be able to flawlessly demonstrate the origin and thus the quality of our materials. In this customer story you can read how we can guarantee traceability, why that is important and how Gerben Koopmans of Nestlé experiences our partnership.


Nestlé about Dinnissen

"At Nestlé we've been working closely with Dinnissen since 2010. I quickly found out Dinnissen it is a party that knows what it is talking about. Dinnissen is exceptional in the field of process technology and also has knowledge of our processes, products and industry. That means they can think along at a high level about our complete production lines and our goals. Together we find ways to make our production processes ever more efficient, profitable and cleaner. The well thought-out hygienic designs of Dinnissen's machines add a lot of value for us.


Our ultra-hygienic food processing line at Nestlé

“Dinnissen is exceptional in the field of process technology and has knowledge of our processes, products, and industry. They can think along at a high level about our complete production lines.”

In addition, Dinnissen applies the same high quality standards. That applies to their machines, solutions and materials used, but also to the professionalism of their collaboration. Because they keep the entire process in-house, they can deliver quickly and respond flexibly to our wishes.  

Ultimately, nothing is more important to us than the quality and food safety of our products. In order to guarantee this, we only work with the best materials throughout our production process. We want to know exactly where each part that comes into contact with our products comes from. Dinnissen can demonstrate this perfectly through its tracking & tracing system and has been one of our most reliable and knowledgeable partners for years."

Gerben Koopmans – Project Engineering Manager – Nestlé

Why tracking & tracing is important

Our customers in the food industry want to make the best possible food product. In addition to nutritional value, it is important that products are homogeneous, exact and pure. However, food safety is priority number 1. Therefore, we work with our customers to achieve a reliable and clean production process. Our solutions are therefore not only productive and efficient, but also accurate, fast and easy to clean. To prevent contamination and product damage, our solutions are streamlined and hygienically designed. Together with clients, we look at how we can leave out as much as possible in our machines, such as bolts and nuts.

To achieve high-quality production processes at our customers, we work exclusively with the best materials. By working with parts made of stainless steel our customers can: 

  • produce food products of the highest quality,
  • prevent product recall due to damage or contamination;
  • guarantee food safety. 

With our tracking system we can prove the origin and quality of each product, including all certificates of materials. We mark all sheet metal with QR codes and can thus tell exactly which base material each part is made of.

Learn more about full traceability

“Dinnissen has been one of our most reliable and knowledgeable partners for years.”


Our ultra-hygienic food processing line at Nestlé

Automatic manufacturing process

After scanning the code on a part, we immediately see all kinds of relevant data, such as the drawing that goes with the part. In the near future, our customers will also be able to scan QR codes, so that spare parts can easily be reordered. Furthermore, in the event of an error message, our mechanics can easily call up detailed information on parts on their tablet or smartphone.

Our manufacturing process is now almost completely automatic. Once our engineers have released their drawings for production, human intervention is no longer necessary. In this way, we prevent human errors and deviations. Everything goes right the first time. We can also implement customer wishes quickly.

Why we keep production in-house

Whereas most machine builders focus mainly on assembly, we still produce almost everything in-house. This allows us to deliver customized solutions, to be flexible and to keep our time to market as fast as possible. But the most important reason for keeping engineering, production, testing, installation and service in-house is because we don't want to leave anything to chance. As we are not dependent on others, our customers can count on us. We can 100% vouch for the quality and origin of all our products.

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