Customer Story: Jonker & Schut

Jonker & Schut and Dinnissen: 25 years of collaboration and innovation

For over 25 years, we have been working with Jonker & Schut, a processing and logistics specialist that is active in different markets, including the dairy industry. The company was founded in 1987 by Fred Jonker and Erik Schut. Jonker & Schut has since become a worldwide renowned name in the processing of powdered dairy products. In the mid-1990s, we were asked to deliver our first machine. Since then, we have worked together successfully for many years and have, among other things, been entrusted with the delivery of three complete food production lines.

Jonker & Schut delivers custom work for its customers and is a leader in the industry, which requires the necessary innovation. In this area, we work together intensively. In this customer case study, Erik Schut - co-owner of Jonker & Schut - tells us how he experiences working with Dinnissen.


Jonker & Schut about working with Dinnissen

"We have been working with Dinnissen since the mid-1990s to our complete satisfaction. Our cooperation started with a CZ centrifugal sifter, which was followed by several other machines for processing feed. At the time, we were looking for a partner with the right solution to our challenges. And Dinnissen either had that solution in house or their engineers created a tailor-made innovation. This is also the core of our collaboration: we come up with challenging questions, wishes and requirements to improve our processes. Dinnissen then comes up with solutions that meet these. And what they sell, they also live up to. Our wishes are often even exceeded. You can only achieve that as a company if you continuously invest in innovation. 

Dinnissen is an example of a company that gets better every day. I visited the organization recently. They are still making huge strides forward. That applies to both the quality of their solutions and the growth of the company. They are at the forefront of innovation and can offer the complete picture. Because of this innovative power and the professionalism and reliability we have chosen for Dinnissen for over 25 years."

Our ultra-hygienic food processing line at Jonker & Schut

"Dinnissen has filled an entire factory for us with a complete production line, on three different occasions. They just get it right: from mixers and sieves, to sample collection and automation."

"We have now been working closely with Dinnissen for decades for the processing of feed and food products. From 2011 on, we have started specializing in processing powdery dairy products for the food industry, after which we have grown at a rapid pace. When you are a company that is growing rapidly, you look for partners who can keep up. For years, Dinnissen has been a leader in terms of technology, productivity, hygiene, and food safety. They are highly innovative on all fronts. And their solutions are used at the highest level. For example, they are very strong in improving production processes for baby food. That's where the food safety requirements are the strictest. The fact that they meet these requirements gives a feeling of confidence.

Dinnissen understands process technology, knows our products, and knows what is important in our market. This ensures that they can think along at a high level about the innovation and optimization of our processes. They have already implemented complete food production lines for Jonker & Schut. On three occasions, they have filled an entire factory for us with solutions for all the steps in our production process, including the complete control and system integration. This system integration even takes place at machine level. For example - in our latest mixing plant - pneumatic transport is integrated into the mixer. This allows the product to be transported quickly and efficiently, and at the same time it arrives in the mixer quietly, thanks to an integrated cyclone at the top of the mixer."

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Choosing for Dinnissen is choosing for certainty

"For us, nothing is more important than our delivery reliability. Our customers must be able to count on us. Therefore, we must be able to count on our suppliers. 

Our production cannot stand still and the equipment must always be satisfactory. To guarantee this, we only work with the most reliable partners in the chain. At Dinnissen, everything is tested beforehand so we know it will work. And should something not function as it should, you can be sure that Dinnissen will solve it. They always keep their promises. I now trust them blindly. The solutions are also more than satisfactory in terms of quality. In these 25 years we have never had to get rid of a Dinnissen machine. Their machines are robust and built to last and, more importantly, they still run after 25 years.

Dinnissen is one of the most reliable links in our chain. That goes for their people and delivery times, as well as their machines and process lines. In addition, there is a good connection. Their employees are knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. That is also important to me. It's just a good story that fits in with our way of doing business."

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