Customer Story: ForFarmers

ForFarmers reduces cleaning costs and downtime with new Pegasus® mixers and coaters

ForFarmers is an international company offering complete and innovative feed solutions for the livestock industry. The feed manufacturer is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and the United Kingdom, and develops animal feed mainly for cattle, pigs, poultry, and horses. The ForFarmers plant in Delden had been using four Pegasus® mixers for more than 25 years, of which two were replaced by new mixers/fat coaters in June 2022.

In this customer experience, Pieter Gorter, project manager at ForFarmers, explains:

  • Why ForFarmers after 25 years once again chose Dinnissen mixers.
  • How the new mixers significantly reduce cleaning time and downtime.
  • How Dinnissen designed a customized Pegasus® mixer for ForFarmers.

The Pegasus® mixer at ForFarmers in Delden.

"Dinnissen thought along with us from start to finish, for example, they used existing drawings for these new mixers to save us costs in the engineering phase."

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A 3D drawing of the Pegasus® mixer at ForFarmers.

Pieter Gorter on the collaboration

"When I started working at ForFarmers 4 years ago, we had been using Dinnissen mixers at our plant in Delden for about 21 years. Over a year ago, two of these mixers needed to be replaced due to intensive use. The old mixers had operated to our complete satisfaction for more than 25 years, an important reason to opt for Dinnissen mixers again. Another factor in our decision was that we could immediately implement the new mixers in our process. Dinnissen thought along with us in all aspects and cleverly used their experience in this plant. The original drawings with dimensions from 25 years ago could be used. And the lid of our old mixer - which was still in good condition - was reused in the new mixers. In other words, a truly customized solution, combining product improvements from the new mixers with reusable elements from our old mixers.”

Less cleaning required and reduced downtime 

"With the new Pegasus® blenders, we produce animal feed of the same high quality as before. The production process has not changed. But an important advantage of these new mixers is that less residual product is left behind in the machine. With the heat tracing we now apply, the mixers are heated by electric heating cables. This prevents contamination due to product accumulation. As a result, the new machines hardly get contaminated and much less cleaning is required than before. More importantly, because less cleaning time is needed, our production has to be stopped less often and we generate more output."

"Because NEW mixers become less easily contaminated, our cleaning costs AND downtime are reduced."

sustainable mixing process 

"Our new mixers/fat coaters have been running for over six months now to our complete satisfaction. During mixing, various liquids are sprayed onto the product to add the necessary ingredients to the feed. In the end, solid, smooth chunks are left that do not fall apart. This is important to get the pellets in the best possible condition to the animals so they ingest all the ingredients. Because making our production more and more sustainable is important, we are pleased that the drive of the new mixers is much more economical. This ensures higher efficiency. In addition, in the context of sustainability, we incorporate many residual streams, for example from the food industry in our products."

"An additional benefit of the improved new version is that less residual product remains in the machine." 


The Pegasus® mixer at ForFarmers in Delden.

Dinnissen always thinks along one step further 

"Dinnissen thought along well with us from start to finish. The design of the Pegasus® mixers was adapted to our specific situation and wishes. It was also no problem to add heat tracing to the machines at a later stage. The people at Dinnissen were very flexible. The installation of the mixers also went smoothly and efficiently. Dinnissen came up with its own idea to prevent as much downtime as possible. There was a clear plan of action aligned with our process.

Even when something didn't go according to plan, Dinnissen acted immediately, for example, when it turned out that a drive was leaking. Then, when the new drive was delivered, Dinnissen was ready for installation. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and appreciate the involvement of the people at Dinnissen. With our new mixers we are producing a high-quality product and our process has improved significantly."

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