Customer Story: DSM

How DSM reaches optimal food safety and hygiene of their infant nutrition premixes, with high-care mixing lines

Royal DSM is a Dutch multinational corporation, active in health, nutrition, and life science. In 2017, DSM approached Dinnissen for the realization and total system integration of their high-care production facility for the production of premixes for infant formula at their new flagship plant in Buk, Poland. 

In this customer story with Anton Vleeshouwers (Project Director) and Małgorzata Matysiak (Project Manager and now Site Manager in Buk), you’ll read:

  • What was important for DSM in choosing a qualified partner
  • How DSM and Dinnissen worked together to reach optimal food safety, quality, and hygiene throughout the production process
  • How DSM reduced downtime thanks to the hygienic design of their new mixing lines
  • About the set-up and system architecture at the DSM plant in Poland
  • Why DSM has already recommended Dinnissen for several future (internal) projects
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The Pegasus® Batch Mixer at the DSM plant in Buk. 

"Dinnissen fully understood the importance of hygiene and safety requirements in our industry. They went the extra mile by providing us with all the necessary documentation, all ATEX drawings and full traceability."

Anton Vleeshouwers,  Project Director DSM

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Receiving Hopper at the DSM plant in Buk. 

DSM on the collaboration

"At our factory in Poland, we specialize in solutions for infant nutrition. We produce premixes with all desired functional ingredients (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) for some of the largest Infant nutrition producers in the world. Because we’re committed to positively impacting public health by ensuring the best safety and quality for our infant nutrition products.

For the production lines in our new plant, we were looking for a partner who had the capacity, knowledge, and experience to build and integrate a number of highly hygienic high-care mixing lines. We had worked with Dinnissen before, so we knew they have a lot of expertise, deliver high-quality equipment, and excel in hygienic solutions. In addition, references were key in our selection process. The fact that Dinnissen also works with some of the biggest brands in infant nutrition further strengthened our confidence that they would be capable of realizing our production lines as well."

“Dinnissen is proactive and open in communication. Where it is often difficult to get to speak to someone at other companies, there is a lot of communication with the people at Dinnissen, they are always thinking along and trying to improve.”

Małgorzata Matysiak ,  SITE MANAGER DSM

A system integrator who took responsibility for the entire project

"When evaluating potential partners, Dinnissen stood out: As a system integrator, they could handle the entire process from product intake to automation and controls, and they were prepared to take full responsibility of the process lines.

Already in the engineering phase, Dinnissen showed willingness to go the extra mile by helping in designing the optimal layout for process and the packaging installation in our factory. They also provided us with all necessary documentation, including the additional safety drawings we requested. Moreover, Dinnissen guaranteed full traceability, with insight into the materials used, giving us absolute assurance of a safe and reliable production process. Dinnissen impressed us with their commitment and expertise.”

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Receiving Hopper at the DSM plant in Buk.

“I have already recommended Dinnissen for several future projects, which shows the confidence that we have in the company.”

Anton Vleeshouwers,  Project Director DSM


Big Bag Filling Station at the DSM plant in Buk.

Our automated high-care blending lines

“Dinnissen designed, manufactured, and installed our new mixing lines from scratch. We receive all our ingredients in bags and Big Bags. The ingredients from the smaller bags are processed by hand, while the Big Bags are emptied and weighed automatically. In our production line, hygiene and product safety are essential. Together with Dinnissen we therefore included several steps that enable us to guarantee the highest safety. After passing through these steps, the ingredients enter one of the Pegasus® mixers, where they are mixed into homogenous and concentrated blends. The finished premixes are then accurately dosed into Big Bags and bags via a bag-in-box system, after which they are ready to go to our customers.

Dinnissen designed and produced the complete production lines, including full automation and controls. In their design, Dinnissen spend a lot of attention on operator convenience. The machines are easily accessible and quickly cleanable. Because we use a large variety of different ingredients for our premixes, flexibility is a crucial component of our production process. Dinnissen's machines are designed so that almost no residual product stays behind in the machines, resulting in much less frequent cleaning being necessary by default. In this way, downtime is reduced to a minimum.”

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“We have had many very positive customer audits and visits; our customers highly value the quality of our equipment and our plant.”

Małgorzata Matysiak ,  SITE MANAGER DSM

Proactive communication to keep improving

“In projects of this size, not all problems can be prevented. An example of this is the Bag Filling System, a new technology that we expected a lot from, but has not yet reached its full potential in production. However, Dinnissen remains proactive in communication and are willing to do the work to resolve any problems and improve their systems.

In the end, we are highly satisfied with the cooperation with Dinnissen. Our state-of-the-art mixing lines work very well, and when we have questions or comments, their engineers think along with us and are quick and proactive in their communication. This has resulted in a very constructive collaboration. I have already recommended Dinnissen for several future projects in our organization, which shows the confidence we have in the company."

Visiting customers are impressed by our quality standards

"Recently we have had many positive customer audits and visits at this plant, where there was much appreciation for our quality standards in the plant and for the equipment in it."

Anton Vleeshouwers & Małgorzata Matysiak, DSM

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The Pegasus® Batch Mixer at the DSM plant in Buk. 


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