Coordinating processes with Metalfinish Group and MCB

Shorter lead times by coordinating processes with Metalfinish Group and MCB

We are committed to long-term partnerships. A good example of this is our collaboration with Metalfinish Group (specialist in processing stainless steel) and MCB (supplier of metals). By aligning our processes, we have been able to organize our production processes smarter and faster. This has resulted in shorter lead times in our production. In a joint video, Metalfinish Group, MCB and Dinnissen explain how the collaboration came about and what it entails in detail.

In order to achieve the shortest possible lead times for our customers, we are constantly searching for ways to organize our production processes more efficiently. We don't just look within Dinnissen to see what can be done faster or smarter but take a helicopter view of the entire production chain. For this, good and reliable collaborations with suppliers and partners are essential. Together with Metalfinish Group and MCB, two of our suppliers, we investigated how we could better coordinate our processes and reduce our environmental impact. By no longer adding plastic film, we reduce our waste stream. In addition, grinding stainless steel on two sides and delivering it without foil yields a huge efficiency gain. MCB and Metalfinish Group have adjusted their production process at our request and now deliver the sheets exactly the way we want them. As a result, we can now use the sheets directly in our production process, which speeds up our production process for the benefit of our customers.

Metalfinish Group, MCB and Dinnissen about this successful collaboration.

Low roughness to prevent product contamination

For our customers in the food industry, product quality and safety are essential. Therefore, it is important that their production processes are designed to be as hygienic and streamlined as possible. To prevent product contamination by residues, the stainless steel must be perfectly finished and have a low roughness. In this collaboration, Metalfinish Group already takes care of this before the materials even arrive at Dinnissen.

Sheets provided with the right roughness

During the grinding of the sheets, measurements with roughness meters are taken at Metalfinish Group. Their employees carry out the measurements themselves to ensure that the Ra value of the sheets is below 0.6. Then the results are recorded in a material report and passed on to MCB, after which MCB delivers the materials including reports to us.

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The added value of partnership

The only way to achieve true partnership is by trusting each other. When there is trust, organizations are willing to invest time and effort to align their processes better. Which results in time and cost savings for all parties involved and a lower environmental impact for all of us. This cooperation with Metalfinish Group and MCB proves that good partnership leads to more continuity and productivity. Win-win thinking is the foundation of success, and our customers, our partners, the environment, and we ourselves are all reaping the benefits.

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