Closed loop nitrogen system for pneumatically filling ISO containers

Since 1948, Dinnissen Process Technology has been developing machines, complete processes and tailored solutions for the food, feed, pet food and chemical industries. The focus mainly lies on the efficient handling and processing of powders, granulates and pellets.

Innovation is the basis
One of Dinnissen’s characteristic qualities is to transform daring innovative ideas into proven technology which can successfully adapted for the largest food, feed, pet food and chemical producers in the world.

An interesting example is the development of a ‘Closed Loop’ pneumatic transport system for BHET that was developed together with Ioniqa (Circular PET Plastic Upcycling).

Ioniqa manufactures BHET, the raw material for the production of PET products, by chemically recycling PET flows. The question that was presented was, how could this product (solid particulate matter consisting of small pellets, but also somewhat smaller particles) be safely blown by dryers into 20-ft containers to fill the liner? A question that was quickly answered as a result of Dinnissen’s experience and expertise.

It is well known that using nitrogen can eliminate the risk of product degradation and particulate matter explosions. Therefore, to solve the problems it was decided to use nitrogen as the transport medium for the BHET. The system that has been developed continually monitors the critical oxygen level. It also includes a nitrogen balancing system that ensures that the complete system is continually filled with the correct nitrogen atmosphere at a predetermined overpressure.

The entire enclosed ‘closed loop’ system is in line with Ioniqa’s vision concerning the circular economy. A minimum amount of nitrogen is used. Moreover, the system offers 100% safety in the event of an electrical discharge in the liner of the 20 ft container, because the product is transported and the liner filled in a completely inert environment.

An additional advantage of the closed loop pneumatic conveying system is that it is possible to optimally fill the container by controlling the speed of the product flow. This volume control is relatively simple to realise by using a frequency regulator to allow the blower move more or less gas volume.

A last point that had to be considered was the gas tight sealing of the transport line to the liner/container. It was decided to use a special, proven clamp adapter that has an inflatable seal. The return gas is routed to a filter unit via this adapter after which it is compressed and cooled and then used once more as a carrier gas. Clever, reasoned and 100% safe.

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