CIP pressure vessel conveying

Recently, Dinnissen designed, built and delivered a tandem vessel dense phase conveying system for the dairy industry, that can be placed directly underneath a spray tower.

Usually, Dinnissen uses dry-cleaning with recipe changeovers. However, when cross contamination restrictions are very strict (for example with allergen or lactose/ non lactose change-overs), CIP systems and wet cleaning-in-place are mandatory.

To meet these requirements, we have designed a CIP system on the  pressure vessels, which is installed onto the equipment. This means no installation and adjustments are needed during change-over. Two installed CIP-nozzles are pushed out into the product area and clean the vessels completely with the CIP cycle of the spray tower. After that, the system is dried and ready for production again.

All instruments are suitable flushed mounted and the pressure vessels are 100% clean.

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