Customer Story: Ausnutria

Ausnutria - How autosampling became essential for a streamlined production process

We supply our machines to a large number of customers in various industries. In many plants, our machines play an important role in the process line. At Ausnutria, a sampling system (autosampler) is an essential link in the production process. Ausnutria is a producer of infant formula products and milk powder. These products are supplied worldwide, and in China, Ausnutria is even the main supplier in the baby food industry. Arjan van Dijk, project manager at Ausnutria, explains the enormous time savings and the large reduction in product waste that autosampling generates.  


Arjan van Dijk, project manager at ausnutria

Dinnissen autosamplers in all our factories

"Last year, we installed multiple Dinnissen autosamplers in our new factory in Leeuwarden. We had already implemented Dinnissen autosamplers at our other sites, which operated to great satisfaction. We also wanted to maintain uniformity in the equipment used in all our plants. The machines that Dinnissen produces are known as robust and revolutionary. For these reasons, we chose to opt for an autosampler from Dinnissen at our plant in Heerenveen as well."

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Why the Dinnissen autosampler is essential 

"In our industry, sampling is required, because a product must be checked for micro-contamination before it can be marketed. Our product must be sampled at sixty separate stages throughout the production line. Previously, at each of these sixty sampling moments, a fully filled can had to be removed from production manually, to be able to carry out this check. This was a time-consuming activity, in which a large amount of the product was also lost. Dinnissen's autosampler ensures that samples are taken automatically, at all sixty points in the production line. As a result, we have not only saved on man hours, but also the amount of product lost. It goes without saying that this machine adds value to a production line like ours."


An autosampler at the Ausnutria factory.

"Dinnissen's machines are designed to be extremely robust. When properly maintained, they last up to 100 years."

Arjan van Dijk, project manager at Ausnutria


An autosampler at the Ausnutria factory.

Dinnissen delivers fully customized services

"Among Dinnissen’s customers, we are somewhat unusual. At our plants, the installation and application of a machine are different than at other companies. Connecting the autosampler to our system was a complex process. The way the machine was built did not fit within our system immediately. Logos had to be rewritten to make the autosampler able to communicate with the rest of the system. Changing logos is always a complex task. This was accomplished by an external party we brought in. We could have saved even more time if we had investigated the system in which the machine would be used more before delivery.  In that way, you solve the problems on the front end of a project. But in the end, we overcame the challenge together.

The autosampler has now been operational for almost a year, and after the start-up problems mentioned earlier, it is functioning well within the system. To prevent contamination, hygiene is critical for our operators. When a hygienic approach is not possible, the entire sample unit has to be taken off. The autosampler is also changed frequently. Because the autosampler is used differently at Ausnutria than at other companies and the building did not fully lend itself to the application, we made some adjustments. For example, we developed a new handle. The people at Dinnissen are always willing to think along with us about adjustments to machines. This speaks in their favor."

Extremely long service life

"Dinnissen has demonstrated its ability to build machines that prevent contamination. You always sit at the table with people who know their business. This allows you to arrive at solutions quickly and it makes fine-tuning applications much easier. There is always support, which we experience as very pleasant at Ausnutria. Dinnissen machines are designed to be extremely robust. When properly maintained, they can last up to 100 years. That makes the machines incredibly valuable."


Producers use sampling to test the quality of their product. Because in order to produce the best possible products, a producer needs to be 100% sure of the entire production process. Especially as food safety and product quality requirements are increasing. To validate their product, producers analyze samples that have been taken after and during processing steps.

Sampling during the production process is an increasingly intensive task. Therefore, it is good to know that you can significantly simplify this task with sampling carousels. Sampling with the new Multisize Sample Carousel significantly reduces the amount of labor required and minimizes the margin of error.

In this video, Dinnissen accountmanager Erik Peeters shows our wide range of smart sampling systems and solutions.

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