Prevent accumulation of lactose with the Aeolus Lactose Transport System

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The innovative Aeolus Lactose Transport System prevents lactose accumulation in the production process. This smart, patented design of bends and switches reduces friction and turbulence of the product during pneumatic transport. Since lactose no longer builds up in the system, production needs to be shut down up to 12 times less often for cleaning. This can result in 8-12% more production days per year and huge savings on labor costs.

Prevents accumulation of lactose

The Aeolus Pneumatic Lactose Transport System -developed in cooperation with FrieslandCampina- prevents accumulation of lactose during pneumatic transport. This reduces the need for cleaning up to 12 times and drastically reduces downtime.

  • Prevents lactose fouling in pneumatic transport
  • 8-12% more production days per year
  • Huge savings on labor costs

Gigantic time saving in hygienic production processes

In the dairy and food industry, fouling of lactose transport pipelines is a major problem. To ensure product safety and quality, products containing lactose are processed in hygienic production processes. Due to the strict hygiene requirements, cleaning pneumatic conveying systems is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. The piping of the transport system must be disassembled, after which it must be cleaned with hot water. To prevent bacterial growth, the pipes must be completely free of moisture before the system can be reassembled.

We’re proud to be trusted by the best dairy producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best dairy producers in the world

8 to 12% more production days per year

This cleaning process takes several days at a time and must be repeated every 8 weeks. With the new Aeolus system, you prevent lactose accumulation, reducing the need to stop production for cleaning up to 12 times. This can result in 8-12% more production days per year. In addition, it results in a huge saving on labor costs.

The Aeolus Pneumatic Lactose Transport System in brief

  • Prevents accumulation of lactose in pneumatic transport
  • Up to 12 times less cleaning required
  • 8-12% more production time each year
  • Enormous savings on labor costs
  • Maximum product flow at all times due to retained throughput diameter
  • Continuous product quality due to elimination of product contamination
  • Longer system life due to less abrasion as a result of smooth product flow
  • Reduced risk of system damage due to mechanical removal (with hammers) of accumulated lactose
  • Reduced risk of contamination and bacterial growth as systems need to be opened and cleaned less frequently
  • Wide range of applications for pneumatic transport of different products

Continuous product quality due to maximum outlet diameter

The Aeolus concept also improves product quality; because there is no more accumulation of lactose, the outlet diameter in the tubes remains at its maximum during transport. This results in continuous product flow and quality, as there is no more product accumulation and therefore no loss of transport speed, no damaged particles and reduced risk of bacterial growth and product contamination.

How it works

The Aeolus Lactose Transport System is especially designed for the pneumatic transport of lactose and lactose-containing substances to prevent the accumulation of lactose. Friction, turbulence, and wear are minimized by the innovative shape and construction of bends and corners. Because materials scour less around corners, fouling is prevented. In this process, no coatings are used, but the product design of the various components such as curves and switches has been optimized. The Aeolus transport concept is also suitable for transporting other (lactose-free) substances with a risk of fouling.

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