Hamex® Hammer mill

Reliable, low-maintenance and an increased production capacity

Hamex® hammer mills have been used successfully for decades by manufacturers in various sectors. It is a reliable solution for grinding soft to medium-hard products, such as grains, sugars and minerals with finenesses from 150 microns to approximately 3 mm. All Hamex® hammer mills are designed as follows, for efficiency and reliability:

  • Proven robust construction: guaranteed long life.
  • Good accessibility: wear parts can be replaced quickly.
  • Variable direction of rotation to spread wear.
  • Production, quality control and testing: everything is done in-house.

In addition, this hammer mill can be equipped with frequency control, with which the rotor speed can be accurately adjusted to the desired end result. You can easily switch between fine grinding or a coarse grinding structure. Another option is a specially developed airflow system, with which the passage of particles with the correct fineness is controlled quickly and efficiently. This increases the capacity and saves on energy consumption.

Read on to discover how the Hamex® Hammer Mill works. For more information, please contact one of our specialists by sending an email to [email protected] or calling +31774673555, without any obligation.

Hamex Hammer Mill 02

Hamex Hammer Mill semi inside

How does it work?

See how cleverly placed hammers grind the product

Free-hanging percussion hammers swing around at high speed in the hammer mill. The resulting centrifugal force crushes the grinding material against the special breaking plates in the inside of the grinding chamber. The ground product then leaves the hammer mill through the exchangeable screen. Depending on the properties of the product to be ground, single hammers, double hammers or T-hammers are used.

Do you have questions about the operation of the Hamex® hammer mill? For more information, please contact one of our specialists via [email protected], or call +31 77 467 35 55.

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Thanks to more than 70 years of experience with industrial processes, Dinnissen is a specialist in the process technology of powders, granules and granulates. From product intake, transport, dosing and weighing, to mixing, grinding, breaking, sieving and packaging. Dinnissen automates, optimizes and innovates your entire production process with tailor-made solutions.

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Hamex Hammer Mill overview

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